Realtime compliance monitoring

The ethics and integrity of an organization can be monitored in a sophisticated manner. An advanced model, as developed for different clients, is the following online and real-time Integrity Monitoring System for measuring the integrity of divisions and units of an organisation. The model can be adapted as required in terms of the wishes.

Example of Integrity Monitoring System

The model consists of four different layers. Each layer consists of various elements and aspects.

  • The heart of the model consists of the soft controls of the organisation: the ethical culture.
  • The second layer consists of the organisation’s integrity and compliance policy and the way in which this has been introduced.
  • The third layer concerns the extent to which integrity risks are identified and moderated within the operating processes.
  • The outermost layer contains the effects and results of the integrity policy (such as the frequency of incidents and the organisation’s reputation for integrity).

  • The way in which the model is ultimately coloured in provides an overview of the results for each element of the organization: the less red and the more green, the more effectively the aspect in question has been embedded.

    The model is completed from various sources of information. One important source is a brief questionnaire submitted to a sample of employees in order to gauge their perceptions. Other sources include recorded incidents, the outcomes of an integrity risk analysis, policy content and where appropriate a reputation survey among outsiders.

    The resulting report can be used by (sub)units to render account and for steering by board and management.