Muel Kaptein (1969) is partner at the international assurance and advisory firm KPMG and professor in business ethics and integrity management at RSM Erasmus University.

Muel has been active as management consultant and scientific researcher in the field of ethics, integrity, social responsibility, and compliance since the 1991. He co-founded KPMG Integrity in The Netherlands in 1996 and became professor at the age of 32.

Muel is an expert in helping companies to develop and embed effective compliance and ethics programs. He has, for example, developed codes of conducts for more than forty organizations. Muel has developed different tools and methods for developing and measuring the ethics and integrity of organizations. For example, as part of his PhD thesis, he developed a questionnaire for measuring the integrity of organizations, the so-called Integrity Thermometer, which has been used by many organizations around the world.

He wrote several books, like ‘Ethics Management’ (Springer, 1998), ‘The Balanced Company’ (Oxford University Press, 2002), ‘The Six Principles of Managing with Integrity’ (Articulate Press, 2005), and ‘The Living Code’ (Greenleaf, 2008), and 'Why good people sometimes do bad things' (2012). He has published some 30 peer-reviewed articles in international journals like Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization Studies, Journal of Management, and Academy of Management Review.
Since 2002, Muel is section-editor of the Journal of Business Ethics. From 2003 until 2007, he was chairman of the department of Business-Society Management at RSM. He gives courses in CSR, leadership, governance, and business ethics.

Muel is married and has five children.