Phd students I (co-) supervise(d) are:

  • Niki den Nieuwenboer (2002-2008): research into the dynamics of organizational corruption
  • Corrie Mazereeuw (2003 - 2010): research into the relationship between religion and social responsible conduct of directors and managers
  • Hein-Jan Vink (2006 - ): research into the relevance of soft-controls in organizations to prevent and audit misconduct
  • Alain Hoekstra (2008 - ): research into the structure of integrity management in governmental organizations
  • Franziska Zuber (2009 - ): research into the spread of unethical behavior in organizations
  • Richard Bakker (2011 - ): research into the effectiveness of trust-based supervision
  • Monique Janssens

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